Some of our happy Chefs!

“The colour coded food storage containers have transformed the appearance of La Fosse at Cranbornes’ kitchen. When stacked they are more stable than other products, and are very quick to identify where products are and go in the walk in fridge. The product is very sturdy so spills and breakages are less likely. Mise en place for my cookery lessons and chef demonstrations now look highly professional matching the high class production. Easier to sanitise due to no acute angles in the designs and high gloss finish reduces potential for bacterial build up. They are very competitively priced and have proven highly popular with all the staff too, we love them!!”

Mark Hartstone – 2015 Dorset Chef of the Year and owner of award winning restaurant – La Fosse, Cranborne, Dorset, England.

“Tubs arrived last week and have found them to be a fantastic addition to our HACCP system, makes kitchen storage easier, cross contamination a thing of the past and an organised kitchen can only benefit the customers. Customer service was very much chef to chef which was very beneficial in relating to the main pain points within the kitchen. We had our first visit from our EHO and went very well. They were highly impressed with the Tubit Safely products and were asking where we got them as they had never seen them before. We will definitely be using TubIt Safely again.”

Mark Smith – Head Chef, La Luce Restaurant, Ayr, Scotland.

“I personally have been waiting too long for great products such as Tubit Safely’s, to get away from the overused and untidy looking ice cream tubs and clutter of various storage containers. We had a visit from our EHO when we first opened and they wouldn’t stop talking about them and was very interested in where we bought them from. Even reps of our suppliers have been asking about them. They have proven to be very effective when it comes to service too. Due to our high paced service we need to locate food items quickly and be very organised which is easily achievable with the Tubit Safely products. I love the Tubit Safely products and was even excited when buying some more and topping up the family.”

Anthony Saunders – Manager/operator, Dough – Gourmet Pizza Bar, Troon, Scotland.

“I love these tubs. You get some satisfaction when reaching into your fridge and pulling out a professional looking colour coded tub. Even the customers are intrigued and comment on how much better they look than what they themselves have seen in restaurants. This in turn gives you even more satisfaction as it shows your customers you are displaying best practice and are passionate and care about the end product presented to the customer.”

Jane Drauz-Brown – Prep Chef/pizziolo, Dough – Gourmet Pizza Bar, Troon, Scotland.


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