Made For Chefs

Tubit Safely was born out of frustration of not finding the solution that we were looking for.

We are chefs making products for chefs. As chefs we believe that it is time for old practices to step to the side. We plan to implement new systems and products to coincide with the FSA as they constantly tighten up laws and legislations.

Having been chefs for most of our career we understand the obstacles that chefs face every time a new legislation is introduced or law is implemented. Our forward thinking will provide you with the solution, before you face the problem and ensure that your life is made easier.

Being a chef is a highly physical job and if there are products out there to make our job easier then we plan to provide them for you.


If you would like to contact us, you can use the contact details below or the contact form provided.

52 Dalry Road,
KA13 7HE
United Kingdom

01294 680016